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I like her friend, now what?

The awkward moment when your plan fails.

So it was Halloween and a school club was selling caramel apples and I figured it would be a good idea to send one to my crush and put from "Somebody". It worked and all that good stuff and I was gonna have it sent to the class that she had with me so I could see her reaction. Well turns out the club could only get volunteers for 1-3rd period and they took the liberty of looking up her first period and sending it to her and when she didn't get the apple in class I got worried and after finding out what happened I had to ask her friend if she got an apple.

Turns out she did(Sweet plan is going great), but then her friend smile and looked at me and said "Wait a minute YOU sent it didn't you" to which I replied jokingly "No it was my friend...nah jk I sent it." "Awww wait why'd you send it?" she asked . "Because I can" I replied again with a smirk. "Be serious do you LIKE her?"

"Maybe". "Really do you?" "It's possible haha". The conversation went like this until she finally realized I do like her friend to which she smiled again and said "Hahaha she was all excited and trying to find out who sent it . It was funny she had NO clue. Oh can I tell her you sent it please?" "Alright." I replied

Now you're probably wondering how it failed well it turns out the girl I like had eventually figured out I sent it all by herself and now her friend keeps asking me when I'm gonna talk to her leaving me here asking what should I do now? And why was her friend constantly smiling at the idea I sent the apple and like the girl I like?
I like her friend, now what?
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