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What's wrong with this girl ??

So there's a friend of mine who I love and she keeps sending m mixed signals it's just killing me. She knows I love her but every time I ask her if she wants to be my boyfriend she says she doesn't want to because she doesn't want our friendship to end. And sometimes I trust her, thinking she's just Immature. One day she told me that it was best to stay on your own because when you quit your friends it's hard. So I told her that suffering was something normal, that even if you quit your friends the moments you had with them were unforgettable. And the mistake I made was to talk to her about love. I said that if you think like this you can lose your soul mate and that even if love was over you'll be sad for 2 weeks lets say and then everything goes back to normal if your strong enough... Now she's not answering me.

Other mixed signals:

+She kisses me ten she flakes

+She talks to me a lot and then stops (when I say a lot I mean 800 messages or more in 2 weeks).

+ She talks to me about other guys

She knows I love her so why is she doing this to me ?! I feel like sh*t !
What's wrong with this girl ??
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