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What does it mean when he holds your hand?

Okay so I'm lost on what to think about our friendship. We've known each other for a while.now and he knows that I have feelings for him but he told me he wanted to be good friends b4 we actually get together. He said he wants to build a stronger relationship by the way us first. I agreed with him but then one night we were watching a movie together and he slowly started holding my hand. What does that even mean? I'm lost can you please help me.

More details: we were sitting side by side and my little dog slept by the way us and we were both petting him and he some ended up holding my hand. After a while I let go but there he was with his palm up almost like he was waiting for me to hold his hand again...we we ended up holding each others hands throughout the rest of the movie.
What does it mean when he holds your hand?
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