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Is it wrong to want to get to know my friends friend?

I have an old friend of the opposite gender who I've known for about 14 years. We used to get together and play dominoes way back when. She came by to pick up a computer I gave to her for her and her kids a couple of weeks ago with the guy she's been evidently seeing for some time and while she was at my house she mentioned that we should get to together and play dominoes again. So I called her this week and invited her by to do just that. OK she was here last night and when we were getting ready to eat her phone rang and it was a friend who I think lives near by her wanting her to babysit her kids. We go and pick up the other girl's kids and I couldn't help but notice her friend is very attractively gorgeous. I found out by my friend that she's 27 and she's the daughter of the guy who my friend is seeing and he is 51 years old 4 years older than I me. I asked hinted around to my friend on the way back to find out if the girl is married and the answer she gave was yes and no or confusing to say the least so I really don't know. Is it wrong for me to want to get to know my friends friend, and what about a guy 47 and a girl 27?
Is it wrong to want to get to know my friends friend?
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