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Appreciate some insight into the gorgeous, insightful, and intelligent guy's mind...

One of my best friends goes to university in New York and I live in Nova Scotia (Canada). Due to conflicting schedules and the many miles between us, we keep in touch mainly through email really. Mind you, our conversations (even just through messaging) have just as much life and energy to them as they would face-to-face.

He truly is a genuinely amazing guy and has everything going for him (looks, intelligence, kindness, and sincerity). But for some reason I find him extremely hard to figure out since he's just very good looking and ridiculously smart (going pre-med) as well as extremely insightful; you know, the type of person who has a whole world inside of their head.

After years of the "ugly duckling syndrome" which drilled both modesty and humility into my personality, I'm now comfortable with how I look and am fortunate to be considered by many to be extremely good-looking. A few times I have been stopped in the street by strangers to be told that I am drop dead gorgeous, 'just beautiful', that sort of thing. (I have a huge blushing problem though and my face just gets as red as a tomato if I get a compliment lol). Anyhow, to continue on, I just posted a new picture up on Facebook and this best friend of mine messaged me back a response to our ongoing email exchange and then immediately sent a second message right after that where he said that I was "simply breathtaking" in the new picture.

A few times he has said that he loves me, but it's more-so in response to some horribly lame joke I made and because I'm so goofy. That sort of thing. No serious undertone of "serious" feelings since it's not serious/heavy conversation and we're always laughing with one another (yes, this is possible in emails lol.) Anyways, we can talk for hours in messages and that sort of thing and I'm just curious since I can't quite figure him out. Do you think he has feelings for me "that way"/romantically?

Any insight would really be greatly appreciated, thanks! (Oh and sorry for all the typing, I'm a really in-depth sort of person lol).
Appreciate some insight into the gorgeous, insightful, and intelligent guy's mind...
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