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Why would a guy go through the trouble?

my boyfriend and I broke up. I ended it because he wasn't there for me like he should have been. He wasn't there to comfort me when my grandfather died because he was hanging with the boys, the same reason when we had sex it only lasted a minute, and he never asked me out to do stuff. I had enough, the attraction and feeling were there, but after what I mentioned above I felt like he didn't care. I told him about it, gave him two weeks to put more effort into it, then I broke it off. I let him get off with the excuse that he just didn't have time at first. then the next night after the break up I let it all out and told him how I really felt that he didn't care for me nearly as much as I cared for him and listed the reasons. He responded back that he just wasn't a good boyfriend. I told him to stop making excuses and when he was ready to apologize in person and admit he treated me bad I'd be around.

despite all this I still really like him. I feel like he could have been the one if he just put a little more effort or whatever. I don't know why he would start this whole business of making me his girlfriend and dating me if he didn't want to spend time with after it was official and even after I talked to him about it. We live on the same floor, in the same dorm, and he's always in the lobby. It's extremely hard for me to avoid him. I told him I might not be around as much as I need time to be able to be cool, and he said that he felt the same way, and asked me not to do anything that would freak him out. (I assume by this a kid that we both know likes me from a couple floors up). Why should he be freaking out? He's the one that didn't have time for me. I miss him. I just feel hurt and empty right now. What do I do? I've never felt this hurt after a break up before, but I know it was the right thing. He even said to me that he couldn't promises that things would get less busy. I don't understand why he did what he did. Can a guy please explain what is going through his head right now?
Why would a guy go through the trouble?
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