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Why is he leaving hideous hickeys on my neck?

We've been in a very casual relationship for nearly a year now. We started off as co workers, we hooked up, he left town for quite some time and we continued talking the whole time. He came home and since then we have been hooking up every week. We do not hang out outside of the bedroom and he does not even talk to me if we are at the bar and I am hanging out with his friends. He does not give me hickeys all the time but, I ignored him the whole night while I was speaking with one of my other guy friends. We hooked up later and he left me numerous incredibly large hickeys. I am sure he does not consider me his and is not interested in being in a relationship as he has made it clear that he does not like me through his actions, so why is he marking me like I am his territory?
Why is he leaving hideous hickeys on my neck?
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