How should I try to get this girl to like me again/ how should I start a conversation?

Soo... awhile back there was a bunch of girls that liked me... and I liked one her name was Camille, we always texted l and never talked to each other in person.but we constantly texted, from the time we woke up till we passed out at 12 in the morning.., but then all of a sudden this other girl came along.. that I've always had a crush on started talking to me her name is Marlie.., and I was kinda forced into the relationship(by parents and friends..) with Marlie, and we Dated for about 5 months.. but I regret doing what I did to Camille.. because I realllyyy reallyyy liked her.. and a few nights ago we hung out at a birthday party and I realized, I still like her so much..i knew I had a crush on her about a month ago, but, I didn't know I liked her this much... we talked a good bit there but it was only our 2nd time talking in person EVER. me and my Bro(my best friend) was talking and he said me and Her act so much alike... but it seemed like she didn't like me anymore, at all... besides maybe as a friend.. and Camille likes this guy in our school, he's a Foreign exchange student, so he'll be gone next year.. but she talks about him constantly and it upsets me, so I don't know what to do... I just feel pretty sad about it, because I really like her.. and I regret dating Marlie instead of her.. We got along amazingly at the Party but it just feels like she doesn't like me anymore.. and it feels like that when we text... We are both very outgoing hyper And nice..I just don't know how to get her to like/trust me again... and I need help, and how would I start a conversation in school? like in the hall or something.. or in class.. I am pretty sure she knows I like her again.. should I give up or try to do something, also?
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also, at the party, she was picking on me, and it seemed kinda playful.. but I wasn't exactley too sure..
How should I try to get this girl to like me again/ how should I start a conversation?
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