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Does he want a serious relationship with me?

Recently I found out my best friend has a crush on me, not a little one though... if you were wondering. I've liked since the day I've met him but never had the guts to tell him so I've kept it a secret during our 5 years of friendship, but now he came clean and told me about his feelings, he asked me if I felt the same and I said yes:) He then asked me if I loved him and I answered... yes. And he said he loves me back, So I got really excited that something new might form. And from the day forward, we've been talking about our futures and he said he'd like to be in mine and I replied it depends what life has planned ahead for us two, we might either end up happy and in love or distant and not talk anymore. The subject of our futures kept going on and on, and I really grew fond off him and my love for him grew stronger, and stronger... He's a really great guy and we really get along, but the thing that gets to me is were best friends and I'm afraid( scared) that it will mess up our relationship, and I'm afraid of getting my heart broke, like all the girls in the world lmfao! Is he serious about us, he says I love you to me a lot, he compliments me, he asks me how my day went, and he want to be in my future later on. is that a sign he wants a serious relationship or a one night stand?
Does he want a serious relationship with me?
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