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How to create interest?


So obviously there is a girl that I have a crush on. We have known each other for around a month and I would now like to develop more out of our relationship.

We have not spent any time outside of college as of yet, and catch up a few times a week throughout our classes. She is slightly shy, and I am inquiring how to go about this situation.

With summer vacation coming up, I do not have a great deal of time to act before I may not see her until next year. And this is where you GAG fans come into the equation.

What should I be doing in this situation? Should I blatantly ask her out for a date? Flirt with her? Ask to catch up over a drink?

I would like to make it clear that I have a crush on her, however, like 99% of guys, I fear the dreaded "N" word

How can I create some interest and hence better my chances of getting a date with this lady?

Thank you for your help
How to create interest?
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