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Insecurities! Make them magically go away please!

So I've been with insecure people before. I'm sure we all have. The relationship gets old and dies eventually.

I never used to be this bad but something fairly traumatic happened a year ago which I'm still recovering from and coming to terms with.

I've met this girl about 6 months ago, we knew each other for 5 years but didn't pay much attention till 6 months ago. We're now in love / love each other / every sense of the word, some nights are awesome. But I haven't really ever felt this way about anyone, so maybe I get carried away with telling her how I feel about her. Because some days after I do it's like she's switched herself off to emotion. We all have faults and I'm sure I'm partly or maybe even mostly to blame. She says it doesn't freak her out, she feels the same and she doesn't know why she has a bad day and doesn't feel like being all loving. I believe her, and it wouldn't be a problem except, I'm insecure... Maybe she gets frustrated? But that makes me insecure, then I crave her to tell me promising things as she had a day or so before, she won't obviously Because she doesn't want to be fake or say things on command, which makes her more frustrated, which makes me more insecure. It's a viscous circle Because the angrier she gets the more insecure I get. I'm doing my best to suppress these feelings. I know I can trust her and I know she loves me, but in the back of my mind I'm telling myself I'm going to screw this up or have already made irreversible damage.

How can I stop myself from doing this before it kills our relationship and / or me? Jeez even if I see she adds a new guy friend on Facebook I start brooding on stupid things. She chats with guy friends, I shouldn't feel threatened but instead I wish their heads would explode. Isn't there a magic blue pill for this? Help!

Oh and I have opened up to her and explained why I feel the way I feel and what happened to me etc. So she does understand to an extent. Sooner or later it's gonna drive her away though. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that...

Anyone got some advise to stop me from freaking out, letting it bother me and feeling all depressed over this? That's the worst thing, sitting here and letting it fester in my mind... I hate it...
Insecurities! Make them magically go away please!
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