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What do you think of this break-up situation?

my boyfriend and I broke up back in June because he said once he gets to college and starts work, it'll be too hard to have a relationship with me...so we broke up (keep in mind I live 45 minutes away but I plan on going to school where he is, and we saw eacchother almost every weekend because our families loved each other and had no problem giving us rides if one of us couldn't drive)

about a month after, I went over to his hoouse after not seeing him for so long and it was hard to be "just friends" because we had so much chemistry..i ended up sleeping over because I missed the train..anyway, when I got home he kept texting me and calling me everynight and eventually told me he was in love with me..i couldn't believe it bcause he told me that he'd never get back together with me but that he loved me as a person and always wanted me in his life

after a month of seeing each other, we finally got back together and everything seemed fine because he kept telling me how in love he was with me and that no one's made him happier than I have and that everything just seemed so perfect with me and that he needed his "break" to realize that.

we broke up about two weeks ago, we had been fighting for about a week over stupid things and he works 35 hours a week and goes to school for 20 hours so he's been verrry stressed too..

when he broke up with me he told me we should just be friends because it was too hard with the distance and he kept trying to hug me and hold my hand as I cried but I kept pushing him away and on the car ride home he kept texting me that he'll always love me and he still loves me to death..

since the break up we only talked once which was over a week ago when he told me that we could only be friends and he thought we were "on the same page" and that he misses me but doesn't want to give me the wrong idea (basically things he said last time we broke up) and that he still wants me in his life. well I stopped talking to him, and finally after so long I texted him today and said "hey you, how are you?" all he said was "heyy busy I can't text today"

i don't know what to do :( should I keep trying and just give it time or completely move on?

i know it may sound cliche but I do feel as if though he's my soul mate , we were completely comfortable around each other on every level, he was the only guy I ever felt beautiful around... so what do you guys think? id appreciate more of guys' perspectives. thanks !
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Really need someone's help and advice :(
What do you think of this break-up situation?
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