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Should I try again or just leave it alone?

so my friend lives in the city. and I live a few hours away from him. my brother is flying out in the city that my friend lives in. and I was all excited because I was thinking he could come hang out with me at the airport. I told him (on Saturday), and he was like "i will try to come see you :)" he told me whenever I'm near him he will try to visit me. well, I texted him yesterday. this was our conversation

me: so I've been thinking about something

him: liike what

me: remember how I said I was going to the airport on Wednesday? and you said you would try to come see me. well, if its an inconvenience to you, I would feel really bad.

and then he never answered again. so I texted him later on and said "heey, did you get my message? my phone is being weird(which it was) no reply.

so then after school today I texted him. I was just like Sooo. (name) and no reply.

I just don't know what to do because I'm getting out of school early to go to the airport. and if he's not going to be there, its not worth missing school over. but if he is, then I will miss school for it. What should I do? wait until later tonight to see if he replies? I'm thinking about calling him I just don't know when. Oh, and he's not the type to purposely not text me back. I told him once I was afraid I annoy him and he said that I never annoy hima and he enjoys talking to me. But, in this case I am afraid of annoying him. But for now I just don't want to be dissapointed and get my hopes up. Because I still will probably go tomorrow if I don't get intouch with him tonight. but if I never do get intouch with him and I do go and he doesn't. I will be very dissapointed.
Should I try again or just leave it alone?
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