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I feel like I'm settling, what should I do?

The guy who I love more than anything left me because of distance that cannot be overcome for at least 2.5 more years. He has come back many time, even proposing we try things again, and then left because he thinks the distance creates an impossible situation. I really love this guy, and I feel like he's someone I could see myself spending my life with.

Anyway, since he hasn't come back, and I've been lonely, I got into another relationship. I like this new guy too, but he's not my ex. He makes me happy, but when I think of my future I still imagine it with my ex. Problem is my ex won't come back for now because of the distance. This new guy makes me happy, but I don't know. It confuses me so much I feel like my brain will explode >.< Help meee.
I feel like I'm settling, what should I do?
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