He wants to see where this goes.

I'm guessing that means he wants to keep dating me and is thinking this could get serious...?


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  • Yeah that's pretty much right, but it could also mean, he doesn't think this is going to get serious and that's also good, so you need to just be wise enough on noticing how much effort he makes with you, because if your feeling at any point in the relationship that his feelings are limited towards you , then you need to rethink the possibility of this becoming serious, good luck,x

    • He tries SO hard. He puts in an insane amount of effort and time

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    • Then he definitely sounds like someone who is worthy of a girl like you then, so go for it, see where it goes. You sound smitten with him so if he has these qualities about him, then try not to find doubt or see fault, just go with the flow, if for ever reason its not working right, you will know just by the way you feel, as long as you trust your gut feeling, it don't usually let you down, good luck,x

    • He certainly puts in a lot of time and energy and money and affection into me, which makes me think he's just no doing it for sex. He always says how he likes that I'm so caring and independent and he just likes being around me and doing things and how much he likes me...if this changes then I'll know it was JUST for the sex and he wasn't worth it! Thanks :)

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  • it's dating without any string attached. I hope you're not sleeping with him?

    • Well we've only been dating 3 weeks. I am sleeping with him. We slept together last weekend for the first time.

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