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How to take the chemistry beyond the class?

I'm in grad school and met this really great/interesting guy in one of my classes. He and I are in the same group that the class breaks down into for discussions and each time we somehow end up co-leading the conversation together (alternating who makes points, does readings, asks questions, etc.). It just happens totally naturally, the chemistry just flows between us, and we keep making prolonged eye contact while all of this is happening. Last time we met as a group, he did something really funny and the two of us just broke out laughing hysterically while the rest of our group tried to figure out was going on. The thing is, I'm not entirely sure if he's interested (or even single for that matter) and we only really chat during these small group settings, so I don't know how to go from here. Any tips or suggestions? I want him to notice me outside of the classroom setting, but I'm not a ballsy chick.
How to take the chemistry beyond the class?
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