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So he likes me? he likes me as a friend.. so why all of this drama?

So he likes me but wants to be friends?

This guy that I have been talking to for about a month finally decided to talk to me.

First we hooked up ( nothing more than making out) which was a few times, he took me out on a few mini dates, and we went out on a date.

I figured that I was annoying him or something since he wasn't making any moves..so I decided to ignore him for a few weeks

(we live in the same hall as each other)

I assumed that he was into me somewhat because the whole entire week he was trying to talk to me.. he would randomly come up to hug me, ask me how I was doing , or whatever just to talk to me.

Finally, after seeing him with another girl ( I really didn't care) he decided to contact me because he said he wanted to get something off of his chest..

He ended up saying " I really like you, I think you are beautiful, but I just think we need to stay friends" he said that he was only wanting to stay single.. I was like..well if you don't like me you can tell me..you don't have to sugarcoat it.. and he goes "no I like you, and it isn't as easy as that, I like you but I think we have to stay friends"

and then he brought up the girl ( when I didn't even bring it up at all) and was like.. "that girl and I, we are just friends"

which I didn't really care about anyways.

what I don't understand was that if I was ignoring him for awhile and I didn't really care about the situation ( when I would see him I would make small talk and I was friendly , but I kept it brief)

is why he had to talk to me if he was going to reject me?

when I wasn't going to ask him about it, I wasn't jealous, and I never really bugged him..

but he said that he was attracted to me and liked me?

So why the rejection now? and why did he sugarcoat it? and he still wanted to hang with me afterwards..

but then even said that he thinks that we shouldn't hook up..even though he is attracted to me and likes me?
So he likes me? he likes me as a friend.. so why all of this drama?
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