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Have you ever been crushed by a crush?

i have.. I'm still trying to get over it pretending everything is okay when deep inside I am still suffering because I felt used.. he gave me mixed signals, he got me confused. I have never felt this way towards any guy before him, I really wanted to be with him and make things work between us. But he left, all of the sudden, without any warnings, without even a friendly goodbye.

I wanna hate him but I can't.

He's just always on my mind.

I wonder if he feels the same way about me, I wonder if I also confused him and that's why he ended up walking away before making the move for fear of being hurt and rejected.

I still have hope that one of these day we'll meet up again and things are gonna work between us.

And until then... life goes on?
Have you ever been crushed by a crush?
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