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Why are my friend and I so awkward around each other?

First off, we had a "thing" briefly last March/April and that kind of exploded into a mess where we both got hurt and angry then I began dating one of his friends a few months later. (no longer dating that friend)

I still get really shy around him, and more quiet than usual. so does he. I never get shy around other people. Not even strangers.

he teases me a lot

he laughs a lot more than is necessary when I say something funny

he always personally lights my cigarettes.

I always end up flirting with him accidentally, and then trying really really hard to cover it up. sometimes to the point of being insulting.

I drunk text him a lot.

he finds any excuse to hug me.

the way he looks at me has always been...noticeable. It's hard to explain, he just looks at me a certain way.

Whenever we see each other he kind of alludes to seeing me again. (like, "hope I'll see you around", or "hit me up soon")

sometimes though he'll ignore me, or say things to other people like "she TOTALLY wants me" and told our friend I was a bad kisser (NOT TRUE. when we went to kiss he was ALL tongue...I didn't know what the hell to do with that)

and sometimes I get pissed off at him for no reason.

I don't remember him ever saying he didn't have feelings for me, but he never took me back after what happened. I was pretty sure I was over this. Why is this so awkward? it seems like he might kind of like me, but I'm never really sure. I'm not sure I'd admit to liking h im, what should I do about this?
Why are my friend and I so awkward around each other?
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