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Is he talking about me?

Please help:

So I was Facebook stalking my crush (who doesn't) and his wallpost said 'Ive asked about you, and they told me some things, but my mind didn't change.

i still feel the same. what's a life with no fun?

please don't be so ashamed

i've had mine you've had yours, we both know!'

He used to look at me all the time, then for about a week he stopped and when I asked around, people said it migt be because he heard something about me. I'm a junior in high school and freshman year I was reallllly shy and people thought I was a weirdo but I changed and I'm happy with myself now.. the people he hangs out with were in some of my classes during my freshman year and would think I was a freak and stuff. do you think he's talking about me?

he's single and looks at me all the time..

he's also posted things like 'i like girls with dimples' (I have dimples) and 'you don't deserve to be treated like another face in the crowd'

But I could be completely insane (admittedly) and over thinking it. I wanted to go up to him tommorrow and start talking or flirting because he won't stop checking me out. But if he's saying this stuff about a different girl that he likes (if it is not me) then I don't wanna make a fool out of myself going up to him.

please help
Is he talking about me?
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