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Men: When Do You Compliment an Unknown Woman?

When, why, and what initiates you to compliment a woman on her appearance?

I was walking into a restaurant today while an older man was walking out. I smiled and looked away, then realizing that, as we passed, he kept his eyes on me. This, of course, made me look at him once more-- mostly because I could not fit into the doorway with him there.

"You're beautiful!" he exclaimed, in a thick New York accent. "You're gorgeous!" he continued; and asked the person I was with who I was.

I gave him a few thank-yous and continued on my way, ushering and disguising my nerves the whole time.

I certainly am no looker... I do not wear make-up, my face is entirely flecked in acne. The only thing that I have going for me is decently- nice long hair, and an Italian look.

What possesses one to be so utterly bold? Do you do it by truth, or because you think someone needs a compliment to brighten an otherwise sullen mood? What are your intentions?

I am a rather shy person-- all unnecessary attention is greatly avoided when possible... so situations like this are terribly uncomfortable.

I suppose that ladies may answe this, as well-- both for their personal belief in the occurrence shown by men, and if they perform the same behavior.
Men: When Do You Compliment an Unknown Woman?
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