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Why don't guys approach me?

In high school guys were not easy for me to come by, but the ones that were interested (the 2 guys that expressed clear interest) seem to "like" me to much. One of the maybe even loved me. But I just did not feel the same way and could not lead him on. Needless to say I was never in a relationship in high school. Now I am a college freshman and I feel like my love life will be nonexistent forever. I really was hopeful things would change. I don't know what it is. Do I have to go to parties and get drunk for guys to notice me? Because that seems to be working for my roommate. Partying and drinking is just not for me. I'm so bummed hat I haven't connected with any guys yet and the semester is almost over. Help!? What is my problem? My guy friends from high school say I'm hot...so it can't be 100% because of my looks...can it?
Why don't guys approach me?
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