How do I get the guy I want?

Hey guys there's a guy who has stared at me, smiled, asked his mate to call me over , appears to have talked to his mates about me as they tease him in my presence. Also he has said hello to me, he has approached me when he was alone. He could of went in his house with his mates, but he decided to walk over and ask me a question that he could of asked anyone. I keep going around in circles thinking does he like me and then I think no he would of asked me out if he did surely? When he sees me walking behind me he turns around numerous times to keep me in view. He was nervous when he spoke to me, but he hangs out with a girl who he's not nervous around. He acts normal around her. Are people comfortable around someone they have interest in? I'm shy so I don't know how to go about getting closer to him. Although that's a lie. I do know how to obviously. But I'm just too nervous to confront him. He makes me feel butterflies. I have only ever felt like this one other time. Shall I forget how I feel or do something about it? Comments would be fabulous! X


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  • Here is some advice that most people will agree with:

    Be yourself.

    Here is some advice all guys would (probably) agree with, but very few girls actually ever realize:

    Smile. No matter what you look like, smiling is automatically +10 points to your physical appearance. It won't fix everything for everybody, and for some they will need a lot more than +10 -- but its a huge boost, more so than any makeup.

    When people are contemplating or thinking, staring off into space etc... their expressions sometimes turn dark (even if they are not thinking anything morose at all) - so be careful of letting that creep up on your smile :)


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  • If he is nervous but you like him, there is nothing wrong in you making the first move, ask him out and rock his world, he will not only always be grateful for the rest of his life but it will also give you a driving seat in the relationship going forward.

    • Yeah that is true. Does it sound like he could like me ? An I like the guys to take the lead.

  • You can't force love

    • I'm not forcing anything. An who said this was love? Its called a crush.

    • I guess he's interested in you. you should tell him how you feel :)

    • Ok then. Why would he ignore me when I saw him with his mates yesterday he never said a word. His friends just stared. It makes me think he's not that interested? An yes I want to make it clear how I feel.

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