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I'm sick of never being liked...

I guess its more of a vent but holy f***ing hell. I wake up this morning to a drunk text from my best friend telling me that she made out with this kid from our high school. A kid who I used to have a crush on. Anyway he told her he liked her all through high school and now I literally can't deal anymore. I love my bff of course and I'm not mad about what she did (I'm 20 now and definitely over him lol its been like 5 years haha) anyway I'm just so annoyed at the fact that I can NEVER get anyone to have a crush on me. Like literally never. I've never had a boyfriend or even a date and I'm just fed up now.

It doesn't help at all that my bff has guys falling all over her and desperate to date her -__- ...ugh I just don't get it. I'm usually never mopey about it but right now I'm just so annoyed holy sh*t what the hell am I doing wrong. smh
I'm sick of never being liked...
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