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Does he like me? He is so confusing...What is up with this guy?

few weeks ago I had a friend request on Facebook, and I do not know him at all but he does seem familiar so I messaged him on Facebook saying do I know you and he says no but I seen you around and you are pretty cute so we talked and I ended up giving him my number and he has been calling me every night saying how was your day...so he came over that night and I was with my 2 girls and he was so nice and sweet and such a gentleman and caring and he kept looking at me and smiling...the next day he came over and I was with my friends again and he was a complete opposite! he was such a jerk and rude and he told us that we can never take him seriously because he jokes a lot which I think is really annoying like for example he was like lets go clubbing and we are all exciting like lets go! and he goes like nah just kidding! ha ha and we go like o wow OK and then he goes like actually lets go wait nah its too far so I'm like fine I will drive..he goes like nah its OK and he does that a lot which is so annoying so now I don't talk to him as much but he called me like twice already and the first time he called me I was sleeping and the second time he called my phone was on silent so I texted him saying ya? and he goes like oh so are you to cool to call me back now and I just didn't feel like calling him so he goes like I just wanted to see if you wanted to eat out with me but never mind and I said whatever and then lately he just never calls me or texts me anymore so I tried texting him and he is giving me cold answers...so I don't know what to do now, should I just stop talking to him?
Does he like me? He is so confusing...What is up with this guy?
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