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He is adorable! How do I flirt with him!

There's a guy I work with that I really like and I need to learn how to flirt here! I'm no good with guys I'm 25 and been single my whole life! But the guy is 21 and I don't know how to ask a question like to see if age matters to him, like a general question for of just him one that I could ask in front of him to mymkther co workers.

Like he does tease me a lot And I do the same with him and joke around. On Halloween o work some purple eyelashes and he had said they were sexy. And yesterday I was saying how in high school I was the good girl, and how my senior year I ditched and went to starbucks lol he started laughing and said Awee Shawnie your adorable!

I need some flirting tips how do I see if he's interested! Like compliments to him or things I could say or talk about I dunno! Lol I don't know if this question even makes sense man... Thanks tho peoples! :)
He is adorable! How do I flirt with him!
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