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What do I do? Does he like me at all?

So we have been talking for a while & at first I didn't like hm & wouldn't talk to hm but I gave hm a chance & now I really like him. & we both have boyfriend/girlfriend but we hung out last Friday & kissed like twice & talked a lot. & made fun of eachtoher & tickeled each other & talked about previous relationships & he brought up mine & got a bit jealous & once we said bye he texted me as soon as he got home & posted a pic of one of our inside jokes on fb. but then every time I texted hm he said he was with her & that Monday he said to leave hm alone Because he has a girlfriend & we cnt be friends so we didn't talk until Thursday when he texted me "hey" & I asked if he wanted to hang & he said no Because he was with her & I told him I need an explanation Because I'm confused as hell & kinda pissed and first he said "omg stfu" so I didn't respond, & then an hour later he said "it was just a kiss, get over it." I ask all my guy friends & they say at first its like he likes me then they get confused. helpp? what do I do?
What do I do? Does he like me at all?
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