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I'm so confused....mixed signals...help!

Hi...ok...I've been on 3 dates with a guy in three weeks, hours of IMing and talked on the phone here and there and some texting...but I let him lead with all of that. Our last date was Thursday. We had a GREAT time...he held my hand, complimented me, kept caressing my arm, told me he wanted to kiss me. He said I was an amazing kisser. Another time in the night he said I was fun, gorgeous, mysterious. He asked me my plans for the weekend, told me his, but didn't book anything. I had stuff going on and so did he...but why not get together in between? He made me feel like he was very into me. We ended the date on a great note. The confusing part is I didn't hear anything from him at all on Friday. No communication. Nothing. Saturday around 1:30pm I texted him a question about the hockey game that night...he answered. That was it. So why the mixed signals? It just seemed like he was so into me each time we saw each other. He seems to be assertive, sees me, then backs off...its weird. Is this normal for guys?
I'm so confused....mixed signals...help!
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