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Should I tell my boyfriend he is making my dad distrust him?

I've been with my boyfriend for 8 months. He is extremely attached to his job...so much that he has made it very clear that his job comes before me (along with several other things). I've gotten used to it. I'm a very giving person in this relationship so it's just something that I've had to adjust to. I'm head over heels in love with this guy and for this reason I put up with a lot of his bullsh*t.

However, about a week ago I asked him to attend an event that was extremely important to me. I told him like a week in advance to give him time to make sure he was free to go. I would have compeletly understood if he had told me he couldn't go but he assured me several times he would be there.

Well, the day of the event my father and my younger sister came down to watch and he kept asking if my boyfriend was going to be there, which I assured them he was. By the time the event had started my boyfriend was nowhere in sight. He didn't walk into the room until the ceremony was basically over! I was upset but I knew my dad would not have reacted too kindly so I made sure to make him think it didn't bother me. My boyfriend offered no explanation as to why he was late...he just told me "sorry I missed it baby," to which I stupidly replied, "it's ok." It's not ok...at all...but I wanted to avoid the impending conflict.

My dad called me today. He told me he wanted to talk to me and that he hoped I would not get upset or angry with him. He told me that it was really concerning to him that my boyfriend continuously does stuff to show me that I'm not a priority to him. He was like, "I would never have done something like that to your mother," (my parents have been together since they were 16). He told me he wasn't trying to make me suspicious of my boyfriend but to just be cautious and look for signs that there are other people he would rather be around and that he didn't want to see me hurt. It really hurt hearing all this but I know it's true...it's not something I haven't thought about myself.

So, my question is...should I let my boyfriend know that his behavior lately has really begun to turn my family, who previously really liked him, off? Or should I just keep it to myself?
Should I tell my boyfriend he is making my dad distrust him?
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