I try to meet women, what else can I do?

Why do I try any more to find women what else can I do?

I am 34 single with two kids

why do I even try going out any more I went to a one of the clubs stood there tried to be as relaxed and with a smile and not one woman looked at me or even came up I put some many respond on the dating sits and never hear back I am NOT some loser I have a lot to offer and I do have a few things going for me why can't I meet some I am a nice guy I am NOT a push over or floor mat and yes I am smart when is going to be my turn this shyness is making me sick and I can't brake it

For those of you that have say any thing about my age or weight or looks take a long walk of a short pair and yes I know my grammar sucks get over it

all I have ever wanted was to be married and have a bunch of kids I am not asking for to much is there other places I can go to find women I have been doing online dating for 6 years I have only 1 response in all that time and I am not comfortable in any church so don't go there

I try to meet women, what else can I do?
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