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Touchy-feely friend-- is he flirting?

I have this guy friend who's super touchy-feely when we hang out-- always shoving me, leaning on me, touching my arm/face, etc. It seemed totally platonic at first, but now I'm getting kinda scared that he might be interested, since I definitely don't like him in that way. He's also started texting me to say 'hey' when he wakes up, but for all I know he could do this with his other friends as well.

I'm not really sure if he's like this with other girls-- I know he's friends with a few girls, but I've never seen how acts alone with them. I guess my question is: guys-- would you ever be this touchy-feely with a girl you weren't interested in? Is it still possible that he just thinks of me as a friend?
Touchy-feely friend-- is he flirting?
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