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Does he like me? Help!

My crush knows that I like him and we went on a group date thing a few weeks ago and I thought it went well, but then afterward things down spiraled and he kept telling me he isn’t over his ex then like a week ago he had a Facebook status saying that if you like it than he will tell you something he's always wanted to so of course I liked it and he said:

something I've always wanted to tell you... you're a really cool girl and would prob make a great girlfriend. and tbh , I would go out with you and I could see it lasting , but I'm just not done with celine (his ex) yet. but yeahh . . . your a pretty girl and yeahh <3 so what does this mean?

Then this week I've started talking to him more and when I see him in the hallway ill go up to him and talk to him and give him a hug. so do you think he likes me? and if so what should I do?
Does he like me? Help!
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