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Would ignoring her be a good or bad thing?

so I've know a girl for a little over a year and we go to different schools and I had a thing for her last year and it faded away but know I think she likes me and when we text through out the year that we've know each other it was always on and off texting like every couple of wekks or months and I think most of her Facebook posts are about and they say I miss you I love you I know we can never be I wish we were together I wish you noticed me and I'm almost 100% sure theyre about me considering that I don't talk to her that much but for wuestions sake lets just say she does like but I don't feel the same way and I've been thinking about texting her to not seem like am asshloe douchebag that ignores her but at the same time if I text her I might get her hopes up snd I'm not saying a relationship between me and her isn't impossible I'm just saying its not likely and if I do text her ill get her hopes up on a not likely to happen relationship
Would ignoring her be a good or bad thing?
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