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There is this girl that is ignoring me and I like

HI I am 19 almost 20 now ,

so a couple of weeks ago I go the a club and meet this girl we talk a little bit and we go dance , and I notice that we start getting touchy on the dance floor, suddenly I relies that she is relay drunk and I end up taking her to her place ,where I sat done with one of her roommate till about 3 am until she sobers up and I left my number there

that day after I ask her for her number and ask her out

she didn't say no and she says that she can meek time and we ended up not meeting and then she traveled for a week to see her family

info about her (she is 18 just starting university , I know from her face-book (status update and photos ) that she usually gets drunk and ends up fooling around with guys ,and I think that she thinks of herself as a player ,which didn't stop when we were texting )

last week I poked her on face-book and asked her out again , which was a Sunday ,she said yes and when I asked her when is she available she hasn't responded in three days now

what should I do do I send her another message ? I don't want to sound like a stalker or waist my time with someone that is not interested in me ?
There is this girl that is ignoring me and I like
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