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What is this guy's deal?! guys help me out!!

alright so I've been friends with this guy for 2 years and id say he's probably my best guy friend ever, he will do anything for me and we go to the same school and live close to each other and he's always offering to drive me home at what not, anyway recently after a trip my school went on I started to really like him as more than a friend but didn't say anything, here are some of the signs I'm getting from him,

1. His mom works at the school and she has come up to me and begged me to marry him on numerous occasions lol..

2. he always has to "greet" me in the morning

3. he is ALWAYS touching me in some way or another

4. if I keep something from him or don't tell him something he gets angry and ignores me saying "i don't trust him"

5. he was the first one to tell me my ex was cheating on me because he wanted to let me know and said he didn't deserve me yadda yadda

6. we are constantly talking

but anyway recently he has been trying I think immature things to make me jealous like in front of me telling me constantly he likes anyone around him,girls he doesn't even talk to, and anytime I bring up a guy he ignores me or what not. Also I've had long heart to hearts with him and he tells me stuff he doesn't even tell his closest guy friends, every time I want to gear up to tell him though something like this happens like today he met me by my locker to see if I was ready to leave and a teacher approached us asking if we were dating and he said "no she's like my sister" and I just laughed (I do admit to at the beginning of junior year saying I only liked him as a brother) anyway what should I do ahhhhhhhh!
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What is this guy's deal?! guys help me out!!
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