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Does persistence pay off?

I'm just wondering. I have liked this girl for months. She has never had a boyfriend and she is a bit shy, so I'm having a hard time interpreting her signals. For the longest time she seemed extremely nervous and quiet with me. I would go up to her and talk and joke. Most of the time she would give me this weirded out look or tell me I was not funny or to go away (she would smile when she said this, but still). I foolishly decided to ask her out (maybe too soon) and she declined and turned weird. I didn't care, I kept trying to talk and making her laugh. Recently things have turned, she now holds eye contact with me, smiles really wide when I talk to her and giggles when I make jokes. She is still the sarcastic smart ass she always was, but now she smiles and looks at me when she says those things. Also, she has begun to wear a little more makeup and fixing herself up, different hairdo and so forth. there's the possibility she met other guy and that she changed because of it, but the difference is huge. She has always been nice to others and with me she is always sarcastic. I love the way she is, that's why I've been trying all this time but does persistence really pay off? Or are all her changes a coincidence?
Does persistence pay off?
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