Why do guys hook up with girls they don't care about?

I have never had a hook up.

You can either answer the general question and answer it, or you can read my story, thank you.

My ex/crush and I broke up. I started dating, but I still loved him, after I found someone else he started dating. We were both in relationships but didn't really talk. I ran into him, a few days later he dumped his girlfriend and we started talking again. Not going on dates or even really flirting. Just talking.

He works at weddings and a mutual friend saw a text from a girl and it seems like they hooked up. She's quite a bit older. The conversation that my friend saw my ex had apparently not really been responding. It had been a lot of drunk texts and my ex seemed uninterested.

He'd been posting a lot of things about love, sad things, and I had posted about a date I went on just before. I was hoping it was about us getting in contact but now I don't know.

I thought he and I may get another chance, but this really hurts me. If he doesn't care about her, why would they hook up?
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I forgot to mention just before running into him the first time I ended my relationship. we are both single, I've gone on one date because he hasn't asked me or anything
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he's invited me to hang out, like half invites. "hey I'm going to (insert mutual place) hit me up if you're around" but it hasn't worked out.
Why do guys hook up with girls they don't care about?
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