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Is he beating me at my teasing game? Or did he just want sex?

So there is the guy named Tyler and he and I have liked each other for about a year or maybe even longer. I've come to the assumption that the reason he has stayed interested in me is because of my constant teasing him and playing hard to get. Its actually gotten to the point were he has given me the nickname trick. Well he always ask me if I want to sneak out at night and I say no or like the other night for the first time I say "ill text you tonight when I wake up so you can come" then I never woke up LOL. WELL, he showed up at my house Monday night and my parents weren't home. so I get in the car with him and we end up having our first kiss/make out session 15 min later... it was nice.. I felt it in my toes. It was clear to me after this happened that I want a relationship with him. he has asked me to be his girlfriend before but I said no because my dad deosnt like him. but I decided that I would stand up to my dad because I want a relationship with Tyler. The next morning he picks me up and we go to his house to watch a movie and ... I always told him very firmly that I was not going to have sex with him because we weren't in a relationship... but he was so seductive and I have known him and wanted him for a very long time... I tried for an hour to control my self: but every time I would pull away he would just pull me in closer and tighter... he has admitted that he has actual feelings for me before. We ended up having sex and I kinda regret it and kinda don"t. The sex was great... but I think I ruined my chance of having an actual relationship with him. Because that night I texted and asked him "Where do we stand" and he asked me "where do you want to stand?" and I said "I want to be in a relaionship...with you" And he said "I'll think about it." WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? IS HE GETTING ME BACK FOR ALL THE TIME I SPENT TEASING HIM, OR DOES HE NOT WANT A RELATIONSHIP AND JUST USED ME FOR SEX? IS THERE STILL A CHANCE TO HAVE AN ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP? oR DID I MAKE A HUGE MISTAKE BY HAVING SEX WITH HIM?
Is he beating me at my teasing game? Or did he just want sex?
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