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You ever wanted to talk to somebody, but couldn't because of repeated distractions?

So I'm a bit aggravated tonight because I wanted to talk to this really really pretty girl in my calculus class. Well the only problem is about talking to this girl is that she is constantly busy with something, whether that's being on the phone, talking to a classmate, asking the teacher something after class and I don't want to be weird and wait for her to finish and follow her out of the class to talk to her.

When I approach girls I prefer to not really come off to be a creep in anyway, but I like to speak to them without any distractions.

by the way, girls there's only two ways a guy can approach a girl. That's either directly talking to you when you have a moment alone so he can understand what kind of a person you really are OR waiting until coincidentally your paired as lab partners or your just in his group of friends, basically he's obligated to talk to you (or acknowledge your presence) whether he likes it or not.

Anyway, she stayed late to ask something to my professor and I didn't want to creepishly wait until she leaves and THEN talk to her. That would have been a little weird in my mind. So I just left :( I know that she really isn't my type, ( I know that because I talk to too many girls that aren't really my type to understand what is my type.) but just asking her how her night was and such would honestly would have made my night.

Ladies, if you ever wonder why guys don't approach you or why guys don't pay attention to you and such, odds are there are PLENTY of guys want to do all those things for you but its hard for them to find the right moment of opportunity.

Test his attention towards you. Drop your pencil, see if he'll pick it up for you. Sneeze, see if he says bless you. Does he give you a lot of eye contact? simple signs like that show that a guy has SOME interest in you. Whether that's like a friend or someone he'd like to take on a date.

can you help me identify similiar ways to understand if a girl has some interest in a guy?
You ever wanted to talk to somebody, but couldn't because of repeated distractions?
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