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Is there any hope for us? Need help with guy!

Okay. to go fast,

So there is a guy I like.

I started liking him in September but due to me being shy never got further then basic talk in class.

Then my friends left a big gushy love note on his car in early October that said all the things I felt about him. He didn't know it was about me though. Meanwhile, we continued our simple talking

Then in mid October,(about 2-3 weeks later) they left sticky notes with hearts on them and my number on his car. He called me and asked who I was. I did tell him and he said he knew exactly who I was and I said I didn't know anything about the notes.

The next day we had a big talk outside of class about how we didn't want that whole situation to make anything awkward between us. He mentioned right at the end how "lets not make it more awkward then it has to be. I don't have feelings for you like that and I guess you don't either so, yea".

However, about 5 min later he asked to talk to me again and said that that came out wrong and he didn't feel comfortable asking me out because we don't really know each other. We both agreed to just let it lay and try to get to know each other.

So we have talked a few times since but nothing huge except one time when we did talk a lot about our plans for the future our families and so on. other then that it has been small talk again.

My friends do claim though that he tends to watch me a lot when I talk to other people (I sit in front of him in class) or if I hug people or anything.

My question, is there any hope for us? It has been how many months and I don't feel like we are making progress. Also, the fact I always am the one to approach him and start conversation makes me think he is not interested at all. However, his body language says different. (his looks, all smiles when we talk etc.). I just don't know what to do to try and further our relationship :(

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Also I forgot to add he is really shy
Is there any hope for us? Need help with guy!
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