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Is it okay that I'm ignoring her?

I was into this girl, I thought we had a really good chemistry. Problem is, she had a boyfriend. Well, she broke up with him, I asked her out, and she was vague about it, but basically it was a no.

I was cool with it and tried interacting with her like I normally did, but I found that it was extremely difficult, especially when she flirted with other guys. So a couple days ago I made the decision to just kind of ignore her (well, I mean try not to run into her and don't go out of my way to talk to her). It was easy for the first couple days since she didn't try talking to me or really look at me. However, one time she was looking for me at school and she called my phone and I didn't answer. I ran into her ten minutes later, she said she called and I said, "I know, but I was busy." I then sat in front of her in class, but didn't talk to her.

I actually didn't feel bad at all that I did it; it actually helped me not think of her that much since in that span I was able to talk to other girls with my swagger back. I'm wondering if I hurt her too much, but to be honest, I'm kind of realizing that this is working.
Is it okay that I'm ignoring her?
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