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Does he like or dislike this girl?

This going to be long one but I really need your help! 10 pts. for honesty :)

Okay, I like this one guy a lot. I'm really outgoing, and yeah I dress up like him, we both have this thing for 60's and stuff. We like same music, I even have same personality as he does. Well we actually get along really well, he sits with me during classes a lot and he sometimes comes up and starts talking to me. And I do everything to show my interest in him. The problem is he is really outgoing and friendly guy in general, he uses my name a lot, jokes with me, but so he does with every other person in our group (we are having Arts lessons together in small groups of 9 people). So yeah he gets along with all of us there, except this one girl...

He's completely different around her. He avoids looking at her, calling her by her name. For example. there was one situation where he was talking to his friend from the same group and when he had to mention her (lets call her L) he said something like "I don't know when she's going to blablabla". And whenever he needs her to pass something to him he whispers to his other friend something like "Tell her to pass me this and that", so he never talks to her directly.

He also is quit quiet around her. Especially when he's standing right next to her. I mean, not that he's being silent when she's in the same room, but if she's somewhere near, like really near, he would get rather silent.

So that would kind of show that he actually hates her, but things that got me confused are the following ones. If he absolutely ignored her, and wouldn't be interested in her even as in a friend or classmate, would he put some kind of random phrases when she talks? They are really awkward, but that showed that even though he looks like he doesn't pay attention to what she's talking, he actually is, right? Or there was one day, that he started calling her funny nickname, just to annoy her. That happened only two times that day, he stopped because her close friend told him to (she thought he was being rude while he was just joking around).

Also, during our Drama class, (we are going there all together - me, her and him) he always stands right in front of her. Like if you drew a line from his standing point to hers, that would be a straight line. I also thought that I caught him looking at her from the corner of his eye once, but I might have only imagined it.

As silly as all this sounds, but I'm asking you to help me.

I mean, he's really outgoing but he acts rather weird with her. Is that the way he shows how much he dislikes her, or is it actually the opposite? Like I mentioned before, he is really friendly with everybody else.But that randomness towards her really confuses me.

PLUS: She is my friend, that's why I'm not confronting nor him nor her about their feelings.

She's kind of reserved, especially around him, will not talk much to him, avoid him a bit. Her friend says that she likes him a little. But she does everything not to show it.
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(by 10 pts. I mean Best Answer for honesty :D I'm new to this site and it's system xD)
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OH: But he never. Never talks to her. Just like I said above.
Does he like or dislike this girl?
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