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Does he really care or am I just his chick/ b**ch to pass the time with?

I'm looking for insight not judgement and I thank you for help in advance .

Ive had a roller coaster relationship with my boyfriend of a year. He has a one year old son with his ex, that he cheated on ME with. She kicked him entirely out of her life for cheating on me. Its not that he says it outright, but its in his actions. He swears that he hates and no longer cares for her. He said he was miserable in their 7 years together. she's bitter, psycho and jealous but she is nice to him, never picks fights with him, she's cordial and business like. She has a new boyfriend, pays my guy zero attention. Except for when it comes to their son. I drew some concerns about his true feelings . He has always said he wanted to go to court and he finally did it only after he found out through the grapevine about her new guy, and heard his son was with this new guy. He finds that out and he jumps to file in the courts, yet she welcomed the court issues it seems. Is he jealous, did he file out of spite. He also tried to send flowers for her grandfathers funeral and asking how she was doing. Yet she shot him down, didn't even offer him a colorful response. He also had a conversation with his close friend, that I heard after his phone randomly dialed me and it was about a couples trip that he didn't want to go on as it would be all couples Funny thing is, I would go with him, would have at least asked for time off. He knows this. Just said, he's not going. As he had no one to bring. didn't want to be the only single guy , as if he had no girlfriend or only single guy.

He also lied to his ex about moving to her favorite city, which to me is weird. He visited, never moved.

It seems the happier she gets the meaner he gets to her. What do you all think of his feelings towards me. Am I just someone to go to vegas and the mall with. Or is there a future for us. Is he over his ex. Please tell me why you think this.

Again thank you
Does he really care or am I just his chick/ b**ch to pass the time with?
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