He rejects me then flirts even more. What's his deal?

See the question? Yeah, why do guys do this? It's not only irritating but disrespectful. I asked a guy out at the end of September that I had been crushing on for the whole summer. (he's 29 I'm 21). I was proud of myself that I was so straight forward with him. I asked him on a date and he explained he didn't have time. So, I straight up told him I really liked him. Apparently he already figured it out. I asked him how he felt about me and he said "well... we're... friends..." UGH! it was like pulling teeth to get him to say it! I asked if we were JUST friends and he said yes. Well, a month goes by and I hadn't seen him because he got a Halloween job. I saw him for the first time a few weeks ago after Halloween and he plopped down next to me like nothing was out of the ordinary and started talking... and talking. He wouldn't shut up for 2 hours, and he isn't one who likes to talk much. I remember I had said something to the effect of how I couldn't taste anything after I drink patron, he slams his hand down on the bar saying THAT'S SEXY! I was sort of giving him the cold shoulder a bit and focusing more on other people because it was helping me get over him. The next time I see him he was making a A LOT of sexual innuendos and I was throwing them right back. One time I had a pool stick in my hand as I walked by him and he goes "do you always carry a stick with you?" I turn around to stare at his crotch and ask "why? feeling a little inadequate?" The expression on his face was priceless. lol but anyway. Later on he made sure I heard him saying how pretty his coworker was and he was flirting with her. Last night I decided to let things go and talk like old times. Well he did more flirting with me last night then he ever has in the past. He was making grabbing gestures toward my butt/boobs and pretending to fantasize about me naked. And he was being VERY touchy feely and hugging me a lot. HE HATES HUGS! WTF? Does he miss the attention I used to give him? Is it just because he knows he could have me if he wanted? Guys, why do you do this to girls?
He rejects me then flirts even more. What's his deal?
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