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How can I tell if my boyfriend actually cares about me?

My boyfriend doesn't text me or call me first or ask me to hang out very often. It feels like he doesn't care. And maybe he doesn't.

But he's comfortable around me and I get the feeling that's a pretty big deal for him. He's shy and inexperienced with girls, and he has social anxiety disorder.

When we're together, everything is great. I love being around him. But we don't hang out very often, even though he is usually not very busy.

Also, he doesn't say a lot of sweet, caring things to me. I don't think he's very good at expressing himself though, and I'm okay with that as long as he cares. But I don't know if he cares.

I tried talking to him a little bit about it last week. He said that he really does want to be around me more and that he would ask me to hang out more often. I don’t think those are empty words because he did ask me to hang out on Saturday. Also he texted me and apologized for not texting me very often so I guess he was thinking about it all.

Even so, I wonder if I’ve become a burden. I don’t understand why I had to tell him to contact me more. Shouldn’t he just do it on his own without reminders because he wants to?
How can I tell if my boyfriend actually cares about me?
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