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Why do I always pick the wrong guys?

A guy I've liked for four months showed signs of liking me. I found out Saturday that he does like me. But he told my sister nothing is going on we are just friends. This made me realize that he was just teasing and having a flirt but he still wants his girlfriend. I want to tell him I like him as he does not know but that could affect his relationship. An I don't want to be a boyfriend stealer. My sister did not tell him that I like him she asked him what he thinks of me and if he's got a girl. She then said then why are you talking to her. He said OK I won't. I was really into him. I thought I would be with him soon. When my sister spoke to him I thought after they spoke that he would come over to me and tell me he wants me. As I saw her walk towards me as I was on the doorstep and she was walking from the road where they spoke. I could see it was bad news she said go inside he's with her. I felt so sad. It was hard to take. He said he does like me but he must like her way more as he's known her longer. I suspected he had a girl as he don't talk to me when she's around. But I did not want to believe it. I now know that I should expect the unexpected.
Why do I always pick the wrong guys?
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