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I'm still in love with him. But I ended it before because I was scared and didn't know what to do.

Basically my closest guy friend and I hooked up (we are freshman in college) and we hooked up in September. We didn't have sex, just a lot of touching and making out and stuff. It lasted like two weeks, because I couldn't really take it any more. I was crazy about him, just it was getting too awkward. We would be like bffs during the day, and THEN at night we would make out and sleep together (no sex). When we would wake up it would seem like none of the physical stuff even happened. It was pissing me off. I felt like I was getting so many mixed messages. This went on every day. We never even talked about it at all. I told him I had feelings for him, and he said he did too. But we never talked about where our friendship was going or what was happening. We didn't talk about the kissing or anything, and it just would happen. (We were never drinking or anything either).

Since I couldn't really get him to talk about this with me, I asked him on Facebook chat. I was like "You need to tell me what you want. I am getting frustrated with you. You need to tell me if you have feelings for me. This "thing" is getting too awk if your not telling me how you feel" Then he was like "I do have feelings for youuuu... I told you that yesterday :/" Then I was like "well this thing is just too awk" and then he was like "why is it awk?" and kept asking me why. Then I was like "I feel like I'm getting mixed messages from you" and he was like "mixed messages?" then I was like "cause we never talk about this stuff that's why". (but what I MEANT was that we never talk about the KISSING or our closeness or our sleeping together. We never talked about what was happening). He thought he meant we never talked about our future together. He was like "well, I'm not sure if your a genuinely nice girl or not... I'm just not sure yet"(I don't know where he got this from). I never even meant the whole couple thing at all. Then I got mad at him and told him what we did was a mistake (even tho he didn't think it was I'm pretty sure) and to forget it ever happened (because basically I thought he didn't want me...but he did have feelings for me, he just didn't know what he wanted...so I wasn't going to wait around for him to tell me what he wanted and just continue to be physical with me)

We Haven't spoken in two months since we ended things. We were good friends before, but now its very awkward. He blocked me on Facebook and avoided me because I was so angry at him. I think I hurt him... he said I was the first girl to actually like him back like that and I think he was just scared. We both misunderstood each other. I am still in love with him. I'm on break til Jan in college so we won't see each other til Jan at least (his dorm is across the hall from mine).

Does he hate me? can't I tell him we both misunderstood each other and that the drama was for no reason? Can we get back together?

Every time he sees me he doesn't say a word to me, but he can't keep his eyes off me.
I'm still in love with him. But I ended it before because I was scared and didn't know what to do.
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