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How to decipher mixed messages?

I'm pretty sure this guy likes me. He looks at me a lot, and when we talk he can't stop beaming.. it's pretty obvious something is there. The other night he took the initiative to hug me and the next time I saw him he was having a hard time making eye contact with me. When he walked past me, I didn't look at him and could see he was looking at me. The second time he walked past, I did look at him and he looked back at me with no expression I can describe - blank,really, and then looked away.

Ha, I really thought hugging me was a break through for him and that he'd be comfortable getting closer to me after that, but he's done the opposite. Would a guy do that if he liked a girl? What are some reasons from a guy's point of view for the mixed messages?
How to decipher mixed messages?
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