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Why guys don't just give a definite answer?

There is this guy who I think likes me a lot, but have no guts to step into a relationship.

We had sex after knowing each other for one year and numerous accounts of dinners and sleepovers. He said that it's best to maintain as what it is now, where he supports me and be there for me and vice versa. It's just that we are not a couple.

It just felt so weird because he cares a lot about me and jumps to my rescue whenever I'm in trouble. I'm just curious why he wants to keep a distance?

Can anyone help? I'm actually beginning to wonder whether it's just booty call or what, but he understands when I said I'm in no mood for sex, he didn't just disappear, he would be extra caring and asked if I'm alright.

I'm so confused.
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I've straighten it out with him, and he said that he doesn't want a relationship right now but he wants to be with me. He said he's scared to be committed and that he loves freedom. He said he knows its selfish but he can't help it.

I never want to control anyone, I love freedom as much as every man does and he knows it. So by saying not committed is just a mere excuse. Maybe you're right, I don't think I can wait for him any longer. Do you think I should just break it with him altogether
Why guys don't just give a definite answer?
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