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What's going through his head?!!!

Ok so there's this guy in my uni class that I really like.

A lot of us from the class went out recently for our friend's birthday and I got with him...just kissing, flirty touching...that kind of thing...he was trying to push it a bit further but I didn't wana give him the wrong idea so I said no to sleeping with him.

This is the second time this has happened with this guy, which in my mind, is a good indicator that he likes me back...however I text him the day after and didn't get a reply...which may says he's not that into me...so I'm a bit confused :o/

I just wana know if he likes me back and what should I do to move this forward?

Thanks so much for having a wee look at this...really appreciate it and any advice would be good :o)
What's going through his head?!!!
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